Christmas 2015

Well, to start with we have a new flute in the house to go with our awesome flute player. (Couldn’t decide between flutist and flautist!) It sounds wonderful and she’s been getting oohs and ahhs from her music friends. So for your holiday enjoyment, click the link below and enjoy six minutes of the spirit of the season. Also, browse the pictures from our tree decorating!


Creepy Cat Man Steal Your Birthday

Today is my birthday and it was a great one. Took the day off work to do some shopping and hanging out. Saw my friends Anna and Jamie at lunch. Went to my favorite coffee shop in the middle of the day. Got a bunch of great gifts. Socks with dogs on them!

A highlight was the cards the kids made. Jacob’s card wished me a happy birthday but added “Hopefully the creepy cat man won’t steal your birthday.” And then on the back, this ominous drawing:


Maybe the Creepy Cat Man thinks he got the birthday but it seems like I got the best of him…

Kubb Tourney!

We played Kubb all day today, two happy teams the Kubstronauts and Mandatory Kubb. Hosted by the fine folks at Des Moines Kubb, we quickly found a defendable position at the bottom of the rankings. This lead to an epic battle between our two teams with the mandatory results being unfavorable to the Kubstro-nots. There was the celebratory twizzlers, or win-zzlers and lose-lets. A good time had by all, a group photo and the standings.